Friday, December 16, 2011

Ugly Holiday Sweater Party

When you throw a party, you usually take a lot of pictures. I'm actually the opposite. I'm running around, chatting with all the different groups of people that come, keeping Ace out of trouble, etc. I didn't do so well on the last one though because he ate the pom pom off of my friend's hat. Oh Ace. I should have taken a picture of everyone in their sweaters but I always think of these things after the fact. Instead, here are some instragram/iPhone photos courtesy of some of my friends that came!

ugly sweater malia me
Malia is always good about pictures!

ugly sweater ace
Ace was tired from entertaining all the guests.

ugly sweater punch
The pomegranate champagne punch photographed by Alli! The recipe was tweaked from this. There was no simple syrup but I added ginger ale instead. Delicious!

ugly sweater lizme
My friend Liz is just really short. I'm not actually very tall :)

Here's to lots more fun parties in the future!


  1. Your vest is truly amazing. I'm sad I missed the party. The champagne cocktail sounds yummy!

  2. It was really tasty! I'll have to make it again when you're there!