Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wedding in Baltimore, Finally

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from my friend's wedding in Baltimore. It was a really small and intimate wedding. When I saw there was only 80 people invited, I was really touched that I had been included. When you are one of 80 people that the couple wants to share their special day with, it makes it even more special to be there.

Get ready for lots of pictures because I had LOTS of fun :)

mels wedding
All of the doctors :) I met these gals through graduate school and I love them!

mountain goat
This is a really long story but the 3 of us started this "mountain goat face" as the result of a picture in a bar that we always went to. Doesn't make sense to anyone but us and that's the great fun of it!

heckers me
The beautiful couple

jess me
My date, Jess!

jess ashleigh me
My friends Ashleigh and Jess. Fab girls!

wedding outfit
I am a blogger! I snuck in a quick outfit pic at the end of the night.

Outfit Details:
Dress - Gift from my sister
Tights - We Love Colors
Faux Fur - H&M
Shoes - Payless
Coat - Old Navy

Quick funny story. The dress that I brought to wear, I couldn't get zipped. Story of my life. Thankfully, my sister is terrible at sending me the presents she buys me. So, when I went to see her the day before, she gave me this dress that she bought for my birthday. Which is in May. ha! I crossed my fingers and tried on this dress. Fit like a glove! Thanks to my forgetful sister for saving the day!

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  1. That dress looks adorable, love the addition of the fur collar!